In the Jan. 8, 1895, edition of Sulphur Valley News, readers learned that Warren Earp was driving the Fort Grant stage and that Charlie McClure, the former stage driver, accepted a position at Fort Grant in charge of the grocery department at the canteen.

Thomas Howarth has been appointed deputy for Willcox under Sheriff Fly. The Willcox branch of the county jail was found in not very good condition when turned over to Sheriff Fly, so the county Board of Supervisors at once took steps to have the bastile renovated and made more comfortable for the unfortunates there.

Dr. Holcombe, of Willcox, was the only bidder for county hospital service at the same price as last year: $1.25 per day per patient, and $4 per day for patients in case of small pox and cholera in quarantine.

The previous week’s wreck of the freight train between Dragoon and Benson resulted in the death of James Barrett, who had hopped a ride on the coal car. He was buried in the Benson Cemetery. His brother-in-law arrived and secured the services of an undertaker in Tucson to remove the remains, have them embalmed and take them with him to New York for burial.

The Honorable G.W.P Hunt, of Globe, the Democratic member elect of the next state House from Gila County, was a passenger, westbound to Nogales. Hunt was one of the useful members of the last Legislature, and had passed some excellent bills, among them that offering the record of $5,000 for the capture of or destruction of the Kid.

Sulphur Valley News described Hunt as “a pleasant gentleman to meet, and will be an important member of the House this winter.” Hunt was later elected governor of Arizona seven times.

Bicycles are to be introduced into the customs service.

The first annual chess tournament of Arizona was held in Phoenix and commenced the previous Friday. All the chess players in the territory were cordially invited.

Dr. Comstock, president of the University of Arizona, was expected in Willcox that week, and will be shown over the company farm west of Willcox. “The doctor is enthusiastic in the work of the experimental station,” the paper reported.

These stories and more can found at the archives of the Chiricahua Regional Museum and Research Center, 127 E. Maley, in Willcox.

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