Cochise County Republicans turned out in large numbers Tuesday, helping Legislative District 14 candidates secure comfortable vote margins over their Democratic opponents Tuesday night.

With seven of 18 vote centers tabulated and about 1,200 early ballots still to be counted as of midnight Wednesday, David Stevens appears to have secured the election to become the first new Cochise County Recorder in 44 years.

Willcox area Republican Peggy Judd and Douglas area Democrat Ann English held comfortable margins Tuesday night in their contested bids for seats on the Cochise County Board of Supervisors.

WILLCOX -- Most of us will be relieved to have the nasty commercials and annoying telephone polls stop, but all of us will have to live with the outcome.  

Candidate opinions on legalized marijuana appear to have less to do with party affiliation and more to do with perceptions on whether Proposition 205 is a solution to a problem, or a serious threat to Arizona.