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Council gets update on water meetings

WILLCOX — Water was the hot topic at the Willcox City Council meeting, which fetured presentations by Peggy Judd and Christina O’Hera.

The Jan. 16 meeting afforded the Willcox Water Project- Sulphur Springs Valley the opportunity to present on the project’s first set of meetings, which took place Jan. 8.

“We’re trying to do this in a more organized mater, to first educate the public about water and what happens with their wells and so forth, and then after we finish the workshops we’ll be able to move forward teaching them how to talk to legislators and move forward with the solutions,” O’Hera said.

“Former governor (Bruce) Babbitt, actually did an interview on this, and he basically said that the first and most important thing to do is pursue the people to realize a regulatory framework is needed to protect their water supplies. Just a side note, Gail Griffin is actually working on . . . she has these little blue cards, and we’ll have them at the next seminar . . . to basically make the statement that we do not want to have our wells have meters on them. So there’s a movement also that is forwarded to (Gov. Doug) Duecy’s office.”

“I am concerned about it,” said Willcox Mayor Mike Laws after O’Hera’s presentation. “I’ve not seen anything like this in a long time. I would never dispute what you’re saying; I want to gather some information on my own. I do know something about this; I’m concerned that, just like you said, these companies can come here with this big money and they can draw it so fast, that they’re putting their neighbors and all of us at jeopardy. And sure if they left town tomorrow this water would come back in 20 years. It does. That’s why they’re here now, because the water left, it got too expensive to pump.”

The water project meets the second Wednesday of each month. The next meetings will take place Feb. 12, from 12:30-4 p.m. at the Sunsites Community Center and from 5-8:30 p.m. at the Willcox Community Center.

The topics at the next meeting will include defining an aquafir, reviewing Arizona’s water map, and discussing the difference between private and commercial wells.

City of Willcox debuts new website

WILLCOX — The city went digital to announce its latest digital initiative.

The City of Willcox released the news on social media on Thursday that the new city website was updated and published.

Consisting of sweeping landscape photographs, calendars and department listings, the website also touts the newly constructed Willcox logo. Multiple upcoming meetings and events within the city are located on the opening page as well.

“I think the key thing for the website is updating the design and making it more user friendly. Also we showcase the beauty of Willcox,” said Willcox Business Engagement Specialist Jordan Parrish.

“We’re going to maintain the current events so we already have some council meetings up for February and for March. We also have the Hospitality Bootcamp and some of the other community events as well. We’re going to be updating the events as we go.”

The newly constructed website can be found at willcox.az.gov.