The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is continuing its investigation after two men were found dead in Kansas Settlement Saturday, after what is believed to be a murder-suicide.

At about 11:41 a.m., on Saturday, Feb. 23, the Sheriff’s Office received a call regarding a shooting that had just taken place at a home on Philipps Road, about 15 miles south of Willcox, said spokeswoman Carol Capas.

Selena Philipps said that she had fled the home immediately after the shooting, and ran to a neighbor’s home for help, she said.

 Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the area, along with U.S. Border Patrol units, finding Philipps to be extremely distraught but not injured physically, Capas said.

The 38-year-old Philipps said that she and her 62-year-old husband, Richard, were at their home when her 36-year-old stepson, Scott, came in to “pick up some personal belongings,” she said.

Once inside the home, Scott Philipps went to the study where his father was seated at his desk, and fired a handgun at him, striking him several times, Capas said.

Selena Philipps said that she ran from the home at that time and did not know whether Scott was still in the residence, she said.

Border Patrol launched a helicopter to search in the immediate area while the Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team was deployed, Capas said.

The Sierra Vista Police Department was also contacted to assist with a robotic unit, she said.

The SWAT team entered the home just before 3 p.m., and found Richard John Philipps deceased, said Capas.

Scott Philipps was also found deceased inside the trailer adjacent to the home, with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, she said.

Glen Bowman, of Willcox, said that Scott Philipps had rented a guesthouse from him for the last month and half. 

Bowman told the Range News that Philipps seemed like a normal “very cordial young man,” in their brief conversations, and not threatening.

The Sheriff’s Office searched Bowman’s guesthouse late Saturday afternoon, but “didn’t seem to discover drugs or alcohol,” which Bowman said he never felt Philipps used either.

“He didn’t smoke or anything,” he told the Range News.

Bowman said that no weapons were found either during the search of the guesthouse.

Philipps had told Bowman that he had previously lived on his father’s property behind the main house in small trailer with a bed, but not much else – no heat, no kitchen and no “toilet facilities’” – for the past four or five years, before moving to his guest house on Packing Plant Road.

He had also admitted to Bowman that a “major auto accident” he was involved in several years ago created mental problems for him, though “the Sheriff’s Department didn’t find that much medication,” either.

Capas said Tuesday morning that the Sheriff’s report on the search has not yet been completed.

Bowman said he didn’t know what Philipps’ local ties are other than father and stepmother.

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