Five Willcox-area juveniles were arrested recently in connection with 10 separate crimes in town, including an attempted break-in at the office of the Arizona Range News.

Detective Jose Rios, with the Willcox Police Department, said that two of the juveniles were boys and three were girls; and four of the juveniles were 14 years old and one girl was 15. 

One 14-year-old boy received the most charges, he added.

Their crimes range from criminal damage to burglary, involving damaged automobiles, car windows, theft of monies, and tagging, he said.

Charges against the juveniles range from second-degree and third degree burglary to first-  and second-degree criminal trespassing, as well as “numerous counts of criminal damage,” Rios said.

They also include conspiracy to commit criminal damage; theft; multiple counts of criminal damage; burglary; and criminal damage, Rios told the Range News.

The break-ins were of the forced entry variety, by use of kicking in or using a shoulder to get in.

Rios described the crime area as “a big triangle,” stretching from Maley Street to almost the city limits on the south end, from Arizona Avenue east, and west of Railroad Avenue.

There were eight commercial buildings or businesses that were hit:

Lou’s Auto on South Haskell Avenue had a break-in, a burglary, criminal damage, etc., “all of the above,” Rios said.

The Arizona Range News building also sustained an attempted break-in.

A government vehicle was tagged in the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES) parking lot, as was a recreational vehicle being worked on at Jarod’s on South Curtis Avenue, he said.

The former Apple Farm Restaurant, as well as the former Sands Motel on South Haskell  were both tagged, Rios said.

The former NAPA store building sustained broken windows.

The old garage building, in front of the Dunlap Oil Company on South Haskell Avenue, was broken into and tagged inside, and also sustained broken windows, he said.

The other two buildings were residences that were “vacant and unoccupied,” which sustained forced entries and tagged on the inside, Rios told the Range News.







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