Willcox TEA Party Presents: “Intelligence Briefing – Criminal Violence along the Border” with Mr. Zack Taylor, who has testified to the Federal Government as an expert witness concerning border criminal activity.

Join us Thursday, Oct. 25, at 6 p.m. at the SSVEC Board Room, 350 N. Haskell Ave in Willcox for conversation and information  about the border. Taylor will talk about actual happenings he and other agency members whose jobs and lives revolve around the southern border of our country have witnessed.  

Law enforcement officers or those who are interested in the work that is accomplished in this area are expressly invited. This is an educational experience you will not want to miss.  

All candidates are invited and will have time to speak briefly, following the presentation.  Everyone is welcome to join in as we conclude our program with questions for Taylor and candidates and discussion from the audience.

Meeting should conclude by 8:30 p.m.  Please  call Rep. Peggy Judd if you have any questions, at (520) 507-1735.

Taylor is a Graduate of the University of Florida School of Forestry with a major in wildlife Ecology, and has served as a Wildlife Officer with the Florida Game Department.

In 1976 he received a competitive appointment with the United States Border Patrol. In 2003 he retired after a distinguished career, all of which was spent on the US/Mexico Border. His first primary duty was patrolling the border for drug and alien intrusions into the United States on both private and public lands. Beginning in 1988 until his retirement, he served as a Supervisory Border Patrol Agent at Nogales, Arizona, specializing in field intelligence gathering and training other Border Patrol Officers how to safely operate along the Arizona Border while performing drug and alien smuggling detection and apprehension duties on Public Land.

Taylor presently resides within sight of the Mexican Border at Rio Rico, Ariz. He is a Charter Member of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers and has previously testified at Congressional Hearings as an expert witness concerning criminal activity in Wilderness Designation Areas.

He recently was featured in Glenn Beck’s Rumors of War III documentary, is credited in Beck’s book, Cowards, and is quoted in William R. Daniel’s book, One If by Land...What Every American Needs to Know about Our Border.


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