This year, Cochise College Willcox Center offered an English as a Second Language Class.  We committed funds to enroll 15 students and started registration on Sept. 10.  One-hundred and ten people came hoping to register for this class.  Obviously, there is a great demand for English classes.  As a result of this demand the college has increased its English offerings.

People seeking classes live in our community, contribute to our economic base, and want to improve their lives.  Providing English classes will not only help these students improve their lives but will also help our community.  Improved English will increase opportunities for students to increase their skills and job effectiveness thus helping their employers have a more productive work force.  Increased English skills will also help parents and grandparents be more actively engaged in their children’s education in our local schools.

Cochise College is offering English classes for non-native speakers beginning Oct. 15.  There will be four classes offered: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Multi-level.  These classes cost $70 per student. There will be 32 hours of instruction. The students who enroll in these classes must provide official government documentation that they are legal residents of Cochise County.  

The college has provided scholarships for 15 students.  However this leaves nearly 100 people who desire to learn or improve their English without scholarship funds.  We are asking community groups, businesses, and individuals to consider scholarshipping students.  Donations are tax deductible.  To donate, please contact Debra Ellis at Cochise College at 384-4502.  In considering your donation, remember that an educated populace benefits society as a whole.

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