The Willcox FFA chapter headed into the spring season with determination and readiness for competitions. The first big event they participated in was the Spring District Contest. They took nine teams. The teams that competed were Range, Agriculture Mechanics, Horse Evaluation, Meats Judging, Livestock Judging, Aquaculture, Entomology, Forestry, and Agronomy.

The contest was held on Feb. 6 in Safford. All the teams’ hard work paid off, as most teams placed in the top three places. The Agriculture Mechanics team, which brought a new team this year, was awarded second place. That team consisted of Larae Harguess, Blake Harguess, Bailey Johnson and Cody Smith. The Forestry team, made up of Brady Acosta, Maria Saldate, Anna Garcia and Norma Saldate, and the Agronomy team, Jaycee Gonzalez, Marisa Colbert, Abigail Gallagher and Leah Guskjolen, both placed third in their contests. The Range Management team, consisting of Luke Todd, Seth Estes, Robert Todd and Tyler Owen, were awarded second place. The Aquaculture team, made up of Dalton Mason, Matthew Mungia, Jacob Collins and Colton Thompson, and the Entomology team, comprising of Janette Martinez, Melissa Garcia, Damian Amaros and Yarene Madrigal, both placed second, as well. There were three teams that didn’t place, due to an inadequate number of members. These teams were the Livestock, Horse, and Meats Evaluation teams. The Livestock team was comprised of Ashley Bales, Connor Klump, Josie Ochoa, and Eli Webster who was absent at the event. The Horse Judging team consisted of Trisha Adams, Kendel Hale, Johanna Schmidt, and Molly Smith who was unable to compete at this event. The Meats team was made up of only Lupita Garcia. 

The District Contest also held District Officer elections. Now, the Willcox FFA is proud to have Leah Guskjolen representing them as the 2013-2014 Gila Southern District President.

The Willcox FFA Chapter celebrated FFA Week from Feb. 18-22. It was a short, busy week. There was no school on that Monday, and Tuesday the whole school moved into the new building. Willcox FFA helped the school celebrate this grand event by serving hamburgers to the entire school body during lunch. Then they held their annual Teacher’s Breakfast, regardless of the snowy weather. On Friday, Feb. 22, the Willcox FFA also hosted their Blowout, which had blown up obstacles, free food and fun for FFA members and the Willcox community. 

Following FFA week was the State Spring Conference, held March 1. All the teams that competed at the district contest attended this event as well, in addition to Kodie Clifton, who participated in Job Interview. Members traveled to the University of Arizona Main Campus and College Ag Center for this competition, where they competed against other FFA members from all around the state. All teams worked hard for this  event and were also able to experience the University of Arizona campus.

The Agronomy team took 10th place as a team. The Horse Judging team was awarded seventh place. Agriculture Mechanics took sixth place. The Range Management team placed second in the state, with Robert Todd winning second and Luke Todd winning third individually. The Forestry team placed 11th in this contest. 

Right now, the Willcox FFA is busy working on awards and preparing for their annual Banquet. If you are interested in learning more or becoming more involved in the Willcox FFA Chapter or the Willcox FFA Alumni please call Clint Sanborn or Amy Sanborn, FFA Advisors, at 520-384-8647 or email

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